Bridge to Terabithia Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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What would be the most appropriate theme you would give to Chapter 9 of Bridge To Terabithia and why.

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I think the theme I would give this chapter would be "honesty in friendship".  Most of the chapter is about how Jess is afraid to swing across the creek, but won't tell Leslie because he is ashamed.  In the book, there is a lot of emphasis placed on "being a man", particularly by Jess' father.  Thus, he is afraid to share his fears even though maybe Leslie could do something to help him be less afraid. 

He even has trouble sleeping because he is worried that Leslie will still want him to swing across the creek, no matter how scary the creek gets.  His fears are keeping him from functioning normally, but he is afraid that Leslie will look down on him as "less" or ridicule him.  

This is why I would say that the majority of the chapter is about an internal conflict Jess is having about whether or not to be honest in his friendship.

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