Please give an analysis on the home in Where Angels Fear to Tread.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What is interesting about the Italian home that Lilia shares with her husband is that it is restricted and closed in, just like Lilia's life at this stage in the novel. Let us remember that it is during this period of the story that Lilia comes to realise that she does not love her husband, and that he only married her for her money. The home in which they live becomes particularly significant, especially given the way in which it symbolises lack of escape, opportunity and happiness. Lilia is forced to realise that she will never be able to expect happiness or love from her husband, and that as an Italian, he is completely unaware of the kind of expectations that an English woman would have of marriage. Lilia is therefore doomed to a hopeless future, and even the possibility of alleviating her situation by giving her husband his much longed-for son only brings her own death.

The home then seems to reflect or mirror Lilia's gradual realisation of the situation that she has entered. Having married her husband quickly, believing herself to be in love, she very quickly realises that her home is more like a prison than anything else, as it symbolises her life and the way that it has hit a dead end.

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