Is their going to be another book after "Breaking Dawn" in the Twilight series?At the end of "Breaking Dawn" it said the saga continues....

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According to Stephanie Meyer, author of the series, "Breaking Dawn" is the last in the four book series.  As for the line saying "the saga continues," well, she must mean in your own mind : )

So is she sure she won't write another Twilight book?  Who can say.  The series has sold millions and millions of copies for the publisher, "Hattchette Book Group," and that kind of money can be very tempting to an author (or anybody.)  She has obviously made enough money to live on for the rest of her life, but the demands from a publisher to continue a "cash cow" like the Twilight series can be hard to resist.

My guess is that Ms. Meyer will write a new novel that is unrelated to the Twilight books in the near future.  How successful that book is will determine whether she goes back for another set of Twilight books.  Think about George Lucas and Star Wars...he keeps coming back to it because that is what he is good at and that's what his fans want (and it makes him a boat-load of cash.)  The real trick will be to see if Meyer can write something else that fans will accept (in the way that Stephen King fans accepted the end of the Gunslinger books) or whether she will be forced back into her box.

Of course, like in the case of the Gunslinger books, there is the chance of the series continuing in other ways.  For example, even though King does not make the Gunslinger series anymore, he oversees a Marvel graphic novel story line that fills in some of the character's backstories.  You could very well see something like that working with twilight in the future.

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She is completely done with Twilight but I have heard a rumor that there could be a continuum of MIdnight Sun? Although, it is highly unlikely since Meyer's has finished the Twilight series with Breaking Dawn. 

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Stephanie Meyer will not be continuing the series she made that clear especially when a fan asked whether she would go on to write a book with Jacob and Renesmee married and Meyer said it was highly unlikely that she would. I think it's one of the main reasons she put THE END at the end of Breaking Dawn to convey to readers that this is the last time we'll see Edward and Bella which is super sad.

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well... there was 'midnight sun' edwards view but that leaked out on the internet. for now there is ' the second short life of bree tanner' - a young girls point of veiw, shown in the 3rd movie/book. the sources link below is a link to purchase the book or have a look.

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There is a new book, midnight sun, but isn't a completely new story line. It just tells the twilight story but from edward's perspective, not bella's xx

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Not officially stephanie was suposed to be making a fifth book in edwards point of veiw but one of her friends put it on the internet with out her permission. Now she is over reacting and not writing it any more untill she gets over it. you can go to her website to learn more about it and read the first few chapters of it. hope i helped :-)