In Their Eyes were Watching God, in what way are Janie's three husbands alike and how are they different?

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  1. Janie's first husband, Logan Killicks is an older man whose marriage to Janie is arranged by the grandmother.  Janie does not love this man. 
  2. Janie's second husband is Joe Sparks, a man whom she is taken with upon meeting.  She runs off with him and is happy for a time.  However, like Logan, he is possessive and domineering.  He makes her cover her hair and will not let her talk with the other men who come to Joe's store.  The only kind of change Janie has made is an outward one:  she has moved up into a higher socio-economic class.
  3. After Joe dies, Janie works in the store; one day she meets Teacake. While he does not have the outward appearance of social class like Jody, but he does have an inner presence which comes from his self-confidence and self-knowledge.  When Tea Cake and Janie marry, they go to Florida's swamp land.  But, their home is the center of activity and Tea Cake lets Janie enjoy herself with the community, not like Jody.  Because of their loving, spiritual relationship, Janie finds herself and is comfortable in her community.  Tea Cake treats her as an equal and provides the loving support that she needs.  He teaches her to play checkers, hunt, and fish.  However, he does fall back into ideas of male dominance like Logan and Joe when he beats Janie. Yet, she continues to love him, although their marriage only lasts two years before Tea Cake dies.
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