In Their Eyes Were Watching God, what is the Florida Flip game? I have found 2 definitions, one for a card game and one other.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In another of her works, Mules and Men, in which Zora Neale Hurston writes an account of her own trip to Eatonville, Florida, where she traveled in order to collect African-American folklore, Chapter 9 describes a setting in which Big Sweet and Zora go to a jook joint where men are on the floor playing a "skin game"; that is, they are rolling dice in a game often referred to as "craps." But, at a table Big Sweet enters a card game; there, placing risky bets, she wins a sizable amount of money. Here is an excerpt from this chapter that describes the action of the Florida-flip card game:

The Florida-flip game was roaring away at the left. Four 'Men playing skin game with small piles of loose change.

High, Jack, game," one side called.

"Low and not ashamed," from the other.

Another deal.

Dealer: (to play at left) "Whut yuh say?"

Player: "Beggin'."

....Dealer: "Pull off, part'ner."

A frenzied slapping of cards on the table. "Ha! we caught little britches!" (low) "Pull off again!"

"Can't. Ain't seen de deck but one time.'

"Aw shucks. Ah got de wrong sign from you. Ah thought you had de king."

The words in boldfaced print certainly appear to indicate that this is a card game.  And, since it takes place in the location of one of the settings of Their Eyes Were Watching God, the game is most likely the same in this novel.

ketsia18 | Student

It is a drinking game

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