In Their Eyes Were Watching God, why did Janie marry Joe Starks?

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Joe is the first husband that Janie chose. Logan Killicks, her first husband, was chosen for her by her grandmother, who worried that Janie's burgeoning sexuality would lead to her dishonor. To avoid Janie's experience of an unhappy fate similar to that of her mother (the reader knows that Janie's mother abandoned her but Hurston never writes explicitly about why), Janie's grandmother insists that she marry. Janie makes it clear that Logan, whom she describes as "an ole skull in de graveyard," is too old for her and not someone whom she would like to marry. She learns from this experience that marriage doesn't make love. She spends the first year of her marriage--"a bloom time, and a green time and an orange time"--waiting around the gate of her new home, expecting things. When she meets Joe, he restores in her the feeling that her life can be more than what Logan offers. Though it is true that Joe buys her "new clothes of silk and wool" and "the best things the butcher had," what is more important is that she is proud of his political ambitions and that he makes her feel a "sudden newness and change." In the morning when she decides to leave Logan, she knows that, even if Joe isn't waiting for her outside the gate as he promised, her decision to leave and change her life will still serve her well.

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Janie marries Joe because he is different from Logan, and seems to be able to make her happy.  She thinks that he will provide her with a happy life.  She was miserable with Logan because he treated her like a servant.

Joe buys her presents, she is very impressed with his attitude and ambition.  

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