Is there an invention or inventor that starts with the letter Q during the time period of 1860-1910?I'm writing a book about the second industrial revolution and i need something for the letter Q.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This sounds like a fascinating assignment. The letters "Q" and "Z" always seem to give some trouble.  Some items I came up with seem to emphasize the letter "Q" in a background manner, but it still exists.  The chemicals industry began to increase production and proliferate and become widespread after Queen Victoria used chloroform when she gave birth to Prince Leopold in 1853.  After this, the industrial production of antiseptic increased.  Continuing the second Industrial Revolution's idea of being able to transform what is into what can be, Max Planck in 1900 developed a general Quantum Physics theory.  Another option would be for you to use the letter "Q" as a word to describe some invention of the time period.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator


In 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes (1819-1890) invented the first modern typewriter. Along with his partners S. W. Soule and G. Glidden, Sholes had his invention first manufactured by the Remington Arms Company beginning in 1873. Part of this invention included what came to be known as the "QWERTY Keyboard," named for the first six letters found on the second row of keys. Due to a constant jamming problem found with the initial keyboard, a fourth associate, James Densmore, suggested splitting up the letters of commonly used combinations, and the "QWERTY" sequence was adopted. It is still used on virtually all keyboards today.