The voice on the radio says, "Motorists are warned against ice-bound roads." In the light of this statement, comment on the weather on the first day of the opening of Monkswell Manor.

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On the first day of the opening of Monkswell Manor, the winter weather has resulted in dangerous, icy conditions. A severe snowstorm is occurring outside as Mollie and Giles Raston prepare for the opening of Monkswell Manor's guest house. The dangerous, icy, and stormy weather is certainly a fitting scene, as the radio also announces that a murder has just been committed. The winter weather is already potentially deadly, and the murder seems to underscore the intensity of the storm. The snow storm eventually cuts off Monskwell Manor from the rest of the town as the snow continues to pile against the house. When it is revealed that there is a connection between the murder and the manor, the wintry scene emphasizes the danger.

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