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The textbook Contemporary Issues in Management and Organisational Behaviour talks about adaptive organizations—in your own words, describes the key characteristics of an adaptive organization.

The key characteristics of adaptive organizations are as follows: the ability to balance the supply and demand of their goods and services while keeping up with the constant changes of their environment; personnel practices, including encouraging all employees to be innovative, empowered work groups, placing younger employees into leadership positions, and allowing all employees to network internally and externally; and being open about how they utilize technology and communication systems.

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The key characteristic of an adaptive organization is its ability to synchronize the supply and demand of its goods and services while keeping up with the constant changes of its environment. Adaptive organizations also engage their workforce differently than other organizations. All employees and groups within adaptive organizations are able to collaborate and network both internally and externally, allowing them to gain information while expanding their knowledge and skill base.

All employees within adaptive organizations are also encouraged to think "outside of the box" and be...

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