What does the Other Mother's world reveal about Coraline's desires?

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The other world tells us that Coraline wants a world where she will be loved and cared for. The Other Mother claims to want to give her everything her heart desires, but as Coraline discovers, this comes at a terrible cost.

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In Coraline, the Other Mother is a very complex character. On the one hand, she's the undisputed villain of the piece, a devious, manipulative character determined to get what she wants. On the other, she displays kindness toward Coraline, buying her gifts, playing games with her, and lavishing lots of attention on her.

The Other Mother knows that this is exactly the kind of world in which Coraline wants to live. This is a world of fun, love, and affection, all of the things that Coraline notably lacks in her regular home life. Her parents never seem to have any time for her; to them, Coraline just gets in the way of their work. The Other Mother cleverly capitalizes on this unfortunate situation by showering Coraline with gifts, love, and affection.

But the Other Mother's love for Coraline is not quite what it seems. She may love Coraline, but it's the kind of love that a miser has for his money. To the Other Mother, Coraline is not so much a daughter to be loved, cared for, and nurtured, but an object to be controlled. Ultimately, she wants Coraline to remain in her world, the world that she herself created, purely for her own benefit and not Coraline's.

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