The movie She's the Man focuses on three themes: gender equality, identity, and relationships. In an essay, what information should be included?  

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The information included in an essay will be determined by your argument, or what you are trying to say in your essay. The introduction should include a thesis statement, and the body paragraphs are where you provide examples and evidence to support your thesis.

She's the Man is inspired by Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It is a modern adaptation, although not a perfect retelling. If you wanted to cover all three of those themes in your essay, you could compare the film to the play. For example, we could compare the relationship between Viola and Orsino in both versions. In Twelfth Night, Orsino only knows Viola as Cesario, until the end when she reunites with her brother and reveals her true self. In She's the Man , Duke encounters Viola at the Junior League carnival and starts to fall for her then. There is also a passing of time after she reveals herself during which he comes to terms with his feelings for her and heals after the deception. Shakespeare's conclusion is much speedier, as it...

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