The Locktons say that they are "happy rebels," but are they actually Patriots, Tories, happy-go-lucky, or neutral in Chains?

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Of the choices presented in this question, the answer that best applies to Master Lockton and Madam Lockton is that they are Tories. The quote that this question mentions can be found in chapter 5, so Isabel and readers have not had that much time to get to know the Locktons, but the quote makes it fairly clear that the Locktons are not supporters of the Patriot cause. If they are pretending to be happy rebel patriots, that makes it clear to readers that they, at the very least, are not Patriot supporters.

As readers continue through the story, it becomes quite clear that the Locktons are absolutely in favor of supporting Great Britain's continuing rule of the American colonies. Master Lockton tries to bribe Patriots soon after chapter 5. When that does not work, his new plan is to figure out a way to assassinate George Washington. When that plan is discovered, Lockton runs away to avoid capture, torture, or execution at the hands of the Patriots.

If you are looking for a character that tries to stay neutral, then I would pick Isabel. She goes through a great deal of the story trying to stay out of the Patriot and Loyalist conflict. She convinces herself that she doesn't care which side wins so long as that side grants her freedom; however, Isabel does do a wonderful job of spying on the Locktons and getting the information to the Patriots through Curzon.

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