"The human heart has hidden treasures, / In secret kept, in silence sealed; / The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, / Whose charms were broken if revealed." Explain this quote from "Evening Solace."

In "Evening Solace," Charlotte Brontë is illustrating that it is important for individuals to hold onto and keep safe their "hidden treasures" of the heart, which are comprised of private thoughts, aspirations, and pleasures. In the poem, Brontë goes on to say that if such treasures are revealed, their charms will be shattered. The poet and novelist understands the value of solitude, relaying the message that some of life's most precious things need not always be shared.

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These words come from the first stanza of "Evening Solace" by Charlotte Brontë. Though mainly known as a novelist, she also wrote some pretty good poetry, and this is undoubtedly one of her better efforts.

When Brontë says that the human heart has hidden treasures, she simply means that everyone has their own little secrets, hopes, and dreams, which it is important to keep to oneself. Otherwise, if they are revealed, if we tell other people about them, their charms will be broken....

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