The following questions can be answered for the automotive industry (the service side), personal care, theater, education, the travel industry, and the like. Consider the various services that the business or company offers to consumers and create your own services continuum. Step 2: Choose a company that provides services to other businesses. Examples include consulting firms, banks (from the B2B perspective), printing or document services, and law firms (again form the B2B perspective). Consider the various services that the business or company offers to businesses and create your own services continuum. Step 3: Compare and contrast your two continuums. Identify areas that they have in common and areas that they are different. Include an explanation of what "services continuum" means in your own words.

A continuum lets people gauge the relationship between a good and its corresponding services. A car repair shop has lots of interaction between goods and services. The car part can’t install itself. You need a mechanic. A business that helps other businesses print documents also has a dynamic continuum. The business requires goods like printers, ink, and paper. It also needs people to communicate with clients to understand what they want their documents to look like.

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Remember, a continuum allows people to see how goods and services interact with one another. For example, selling oranges doesn’t really involve too much extra service. You probably won’t need to show someone how to peel an orange or how to eat an orange. The additional services are minimal.

However, a business that’s connected to an industry such as cars requires a lot of intersection between goods and service. Since the automobile industry is one of your examples, I’ll talk about that. A services continuum for a hypothetical car repair shop would take into account how a repair shop requires goods, like the parts needed to fix the cars, but also services, like the people who have to install the parts.

Now I can tell you about a continuum connected to a business that provides services and goods to other businesses. I’ll go with the printing and documents business. Here, there’s goods that are required. If you’re printing, you’ll need a printer, ink, and paper. You’ll also need people to communicate with clients to understand what they’re printing and how they want it to look.

With both the car repair shop and the printing and documents company, you are mixing physical commodities with physical labor. The goods you are selling require additional services. Without those services, the goods wouldn’t be of much use. A person can’t install a car part on their own. If they could, they likely wouldn’t enlist a mechanic. Additionally, a company can’t print out their own documents. If they could, they probably wouldn’t hire a separate business.

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