The essay is "The Color of Love" By Danzy Senna.  Identify some ways Senna makes her grandmother come alive for readers. Where is her description vivid enough for you to see her as Senna does? Which details are particularly effective? Why? The essay is from the Bedford Guide for College Writers.

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The eNotes rules allow for the submission of one question only. However, the questions asked are interrelated and can be included in a singular response. This answer will focus on the author’s vivid, effective descriptions that make her grandmother come alive for her readers.

In The Color of Love, author Danzy Senna relates a personal story of her relationship with her grandmother. As the daughter of a black father and a white mother, she faces the effects of racism from the grandmother she wants to love. Senna cleverly describes the conflict between the women and demonstrates that real love is colorblind.

As the essay unfolds, the author reveals her mixed racial background and uses color as a literary device in a vivid presentation of the characters she describes. Her grandmother was an older caucasian woman she saw as “ancient—as white and dusty as chalk.” Her mother was “a small, blonde Wasp poet,” and her father was “a tall and handsome black intellectual.” The author...

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