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The Epic of Gilgamesh, the book of Genesis, and Metamorphoses all have stories of a creation, a fall, and a flood. What are major similarities & differences?

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The flood narrative is a relatively small portion of all three stories. The Flood is mentioned in all of them, and there are many similarities in the overall ideas presented, but there are also plenty of differences between these stories.

First and foremost, Genesis and Metamorphoses both have explicit Creation narratives detailing the first humans and original sin. These ideas explain why the flood occurred and were also used to explain the beginning of the world and humanity. In these stories, the flood is a punishment for sin. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, however, the flood is a historical event that is discussed with many of the same features, but fewer references to creation and the fall of man.

In each story, there is a righteous or chosen individual who survives the flood and carries on humanity after the cataclysm. In all the stories, there is also mention of ancient humans, who live for countless ages (700 to 900 years each in some cases). In the end, they are all religious stories...

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