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The day before the 9/11 Attacks, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion. Are the continuing increases in our military budget just a normal reaction to increased real threats of terrorism—and hence to our national security—or is the military bureaucracy self-perpetuating and directing us into unneeded wars and extravagant expenditures?

It could definitely be argued that the military bureaucracy is indeed self-perpetuating, and that many members of Congress, lobbyists, and rapacious defense contracting firms are directing us into unneeded wars entailing extravagant expenditures.

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Since President Eisenhower's historic 1961 speech warning of the danger of allowing the "military-industrial-complex" to arrogate to itself an unwarranted role in the formulation of geopolitical policy, the United States has found itself completely enmeshed with this powerful juggernaut, mostly to its detriment.

The staggering costs incurred by allowing a revolving door between the Pentagon, the White House, and the major defense contractors have been glaringly obvious for over a half-century, with no evidence that the...

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