The data set below represents the ages of 30 executives. Which ages are above the 75th ​percentile? 424259596565464657574040565652526161555556564949666656565151626247474040494944445555414147474444292936363838424243434444Determine the values in the data set above the 75th percentile. If a data value above the 75th percentile appears more than once in the data​ set, make sure to include that value in your answer the appropriate number of times.​(Use a comma to separate answers as​ needed.)

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In simpler terms, this question is asking, "arrange this group in order of increasing age, then identify the top 25% of eldest members of the group".

The ages need to be tallied, with each instance of each number counted separately. Once tallied, we can calculate an average age for the group, which will assist in giving perspective to the results (since a heavy bias toward young or old ages will skew the results and cause the top 75% of ages to grow or...

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