The coordinates of rectangle L'M'N'O' are L(-4,6), M(-1,6), N(-1,2) and O(-4,2). The rectangle is first reflected across the y-axis, then translated down 4 units and to the left 1 unit. What are the new coordinates of rectangle L'M'N'O'?

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A reflection is basically flipping the image. In this case, you are being asked to flip the image from left to right across the Y axis. As the image is now, L is to the left of M, and O is to the left of N. Because of the reflection, L and O will end up on the right of M and N. The distance away from the Y axis will remain the same, so the new coordinates are M(1,6), L(4,6), N(1,2), and O(4,2).

The next step is the translation down. This requires "sliding" the image down four places. All Y coordinates will shift down 4 places. The coordinates are then M(1,2), L(4,2), N(1,-2), and O(4,-2).

Lastly is the translation left. All X coordinates will be reduced by 1, leaving us with the coordinates M(0,2), L(3,2), N(0,-2), and O(3,-2).

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