The city of Whitehorse, Yukon, receives its maximum amount of sunlight of 19.15 hrs on June 21 and its least amount of sunlight of 5.62 hrs on December 21. a. Due to the earth's revolution about the sun, the hours of daylight function is periodic. Determine an equation that can model the hours of daylight function for Windsor, Ontario. b. On what day(s) can Whitehorse expect 13.5 hours of sunlight?

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We are given that there are a maximum of 19.15 hours of sunlight on June 21 (day 172) and a minimum of 5.62 hours on December 21 (day 355.) We are told that the underlying function is periodic, and we are asked to find an equation for the model and to determine the day(s) when there are 13.5 hours of sunlight.

The model will be a sinusoid (a sine function, cosine function, or some combination). Thus the equation will be

`y=asin(b(x-h))+k " or " y=acos(b(x-h))+k`

where a represents the amplitude, b the transformation for the period, h the phase shift (horizontal...

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