"The ancient Hudson, with bent and scarred radiator screen, with grease in dusty globules at the worn edges of every moving part, with hub caps gone and caps of red dust in their places--this was the new hearth, the living center of the family." What does Steinbeck accomplish by mixing metaphors in this way, what is the effect of each metaphor on the reader, and what effect is the shift in metaphors likely to have on a reader?

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There are two metaphors in the given quotation which describe the Hudson truck. The first metaphor describes the truck as “the new hearth,” and the second describes it as “the living center of the family.”

The hearth is the fireplace in a home, and, because the hearth would traditionally be the place around which a family would gather (for warmth, or to tell stories, or both), the hearth has become a symbol of home and of social gathering. Steinbeck describes the truck as “the new hearth” to emphasize...

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