In That was Then, This is Now, what did Mark mean when he told Bryon that he had found a shirt "out in the street"? What was Bryon's reaction to this?

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In Chapter 3, Bryon is getting ready to go to a school dance and is unsure what to wear. Bryon mentions that it is a casual dance and Mark is dressed right for the occasion. When Mark asks Bryon what he is going to wear, Bryon shrugs and says, "I don't know yet" (Hinton 48). As Mark is leaving the house, he yells, "I found this shirt out in the street, and it's lying on the bed if you want to see it" (Hinton 48). Bryon walks into the room and looks at the shirt Mark had "found." Bryon mentions that the shirt was dark blue and just his size. He wonders whether Mark bought it or stole it, and comments that "they were the same thing to Mark" (Hinton 49). Mark saying the he found the shirt on the street is a humorous way of telling Bryon that he stole the shirt. Mark has no regard for rules and does not know the difference between right and wrong which is why finding and stealing are essentially synonymous in his mind. Bryon decides to forget about it and says, "After all, it's the thought that counts" (Hinton 49). Byron simply accepts Mark's gift knowing that the shirt was stolen and decides not to question or confront Mark.

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