In That was Then, This is Now, what was Mark up to?What would you do if you were Bryon and you found out what Mark was up to?

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Although it is obvious that the two foster brothers, Bryon and Mark, love and depend upon one another, they find themselves growing apart as they get older. Active in gangs for years, Bryon finds himself tiring of the lifestyle. After the death of his friend, Charlie, and taking a severe beating by the Shepard gang, Bryon decides to make changes in his life. He begins dating Cathy and gets a job. Mark, however, wants no part Bryon's new ways. According to Bryon,

We just couldn't get through to each other. He didn't understand why I didn't dig fights anymore; I didn't understand how he could accept everything that came along without question, without wanting to change it.

Unable to get a real job because of his past record, Mark turns to selling drugs. Bryon finds Mark's stash one night shortly after a visit to see M&M--who had overdosed on LSD--and decides to call the police. Although Mark claims never to use drugs himself or having sold the LSD to M&M, he admits to selling after

"I met this guy on the Ribbon--he set me up. I figure I don't have to take it to sell it, so what's the worry?"


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