Texture and tone in relation to mark making?Hello. Just wondering if you could tell me about texture and tone and how they might be related to mark making. Thank you to anyone who answers.

Expert Answers
erinheintzelman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Mark making" is simply putting marks on paper and is usually used to refer to drawing (pencil or pen).  Texture can be realistically rendered by making certain types of repeated marks.  For example, the texture of short, fuzzy hair could be created using many short, tapered pencil marks close together, going in the same direction.  The texture of longer hair could be created using once again repeated lines going in the same direction.  These would be longer lines and might include gaps (leaving white space) where reflection or shine might be picked up by the texture.

Tone in artwork can refer to either the darkness or lightness (the value) or the overall feeling of the artwork.  Mark making being the basis of a drawing, you could affect both types of tone through the marks you make.  With value, many strong, thick marks close together would create a dark value, or tone, whereas sparse mark making, leaving much of the white paper showing, would create a lighter tone.  You can create a certain feeling in artwork through your mark making as well.  Lines that are erratic, jagged or dark will create a very different feeling than soft, wispy, light marks.