Is it hard to take a test in physics?

nicolas123 | Student

It will not be hard. The hard part of hard work has nothing to do with the work.

The work will start with reading the question, and then doodling. Draw a picture of what’s going on, and label that with the terms you know (you will think of others once the first ones are written out in your own handwriting). Physics involves visualizing frames of reference, using pictures. Don’t agonize over whether or not you are a great artist too!

One special ability of all human beings is that if they write out the obvious stuff in their own hand writing, their mind automatically tells them what’s next. A peculiar aspect of this is that your mind also tells you that you already know it (so why write it out). Well, in a sense that’s true, but if you write it out then it becomes part of what you will know.

After the picture, go get the formulas that seem to fit, and write those out near your picture. Then rewrite the algebraic letters involved, and next to those write out the known and unknown (with the units of each real, known, number).

Then rewrite the first equation you decide to try, writing out the movement of things from one side of the equation to the other (just to keep track, there is a lot going on and even if you do know each thing you have to treat yourself like a child in order to see where it all goes).

You can do this, and then your test will not be hard. You will learn about a strength that is in you even if your ending answers are completely inaccurate, because you will have been precise.

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