I need to write one of Tennyson's Poems.  Can anyone help?

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One of my all time favorite poems by Tennyson would have to be "Ulysses."  There seems to be so much in way of thematic richness that I find it very appealing.  The idea of being able to extrapolate Homer's hero in a post- Odyssey setting is interesting and unique.  Tennyson's conclusion is that while Odysseus strove mightily to return home, he would not be content staying there.  The life of domesticity which supplants the intensity of his voyage would not be spiritually appealing.  The fact that he must continue his quest, his journey, even after the destination has been reached holds much in way of spiritual implication.  Naturally, the closing lines of "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" become so critical in this thematic application.  Highly modern in its approach while maintaining the feel of antiquity, the poem is extremely rare in the precision in which its purpose is accomplished.

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