If Tennessee Williams' works are largely autobiographical, which character in A Streetcar Named Desire is considered closest to Williams himself?

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Just so you don't go away with errant information, Williams did not commit suicide.  He choked on a bottle cap.  Theories differ on how it happened, but suicide is not one of the possibilities usually considered. 

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In A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams is identified in two characters: Blanche Dubois and her husband, Allan Grey.

In Blanche we see the debauched Williams, addicted to pills and alcohol, slowly descending into depression and self-destruction, and trying her best to come back to the surface to no avail.

In Allan Grey, we see Williams also in that they are both homosexual and seem to have a problem with leading double lives and accepting their identities until their deaths.

The link includes more information on Tennessee's biographical facts to help you see more similarities.