Is a tendon or a ligament part of the connective tissues?

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Collagenous fibers make up connective tissue as seen in tendons and ligaments. Collagen is a very important protein found in vertebrates. Tendons are made of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscles to bones. This allows for movement in the body. Ligaments are also made of connective tissue and connect bones to other bones. This is how a joint is formed. Connective tissue has cells scattered through an extracellular matrix. It is the connective tissue found in tendons and ligaments that allows for the skeletal-muscular system to work optimally in the body and aid in movement.

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Yes, tendons and ligaments are connective tissues. Tendons and ligaments are both made up of dense fibrous connective tissue. Dense fibrous connective tissue is made up of bundles of collagen fibers, this makes the tendons and ligaments very strong.

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Is a tendon or a ligament part of the connective tissues?

A tendon and ligament, both are fibrous connective tissues. There functions are different. Tendons are hard connective fibrous tissues that attach muscles and bones, act as a glue, as to make it possible for the bone to move. Where as, ligaments are soft fibrous connective tissues that joins the two bones in form of joints, hence ligament is the tissue in the joint that connects the two bones, giving it stability.

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