What quotes reflect tenderness and violence in Ted Hughes' "The Thought Fox"?

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In the first few stanzas, the fox is presented as a gentle creature, warily finding its way through the snow. As a wild creature, the fox presents no immediate danger to anyone nor is it being hunted. The fox is not aggressive as illustrated in the following:

 "Cold, delicately as the dark snow,
  A fox's nose touches twig, leaf"

"Delicately" suggests a tenderness and the inverted simile suggests the fragility of the fox: it is as fragile and gentle as snow. The image is further emphasized by the words, "nose," "twig," and "leaf" -- these are all delicate objects. The nose is a sensitive organ and a twig and a leaf are vulnerable and can easily be damaged or broken. 

"Two eyes serve a movement, that now
 And again now, and now, and now

 Sets neat prints into the...

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