How does the issue of incest function in Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

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Incest plays a large role in Tender is the Night. Fitzgerald is conscious of its function as showing a violation of norms. Its function is to reveal a world where what should be pure is corrupted.  This is the case with Nicole.  After her mother died, Nicole's world was already jarred out from its emotional frame of reference. When Devereux Warren sexually abuses his daughter, it causes immeasurable damage.  The function of incest is to show the extent of scarring on an individual.  Nicole is unable to fully recover from what her father does to her.  Incest becomes the mark by which human beings who profess to love another commit some of the worst and most painful of crimes.  It is a transgression in the private realm, reflecting how private cruelty can constitute some of the most brutal of actions. The father that violates the daughter scars her for life.

The looming aspect of incest is another way that it functions in the novel.  Nicole is never really able to fully escape the...

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