What are the ten most important events of the Glorious Revolution? 

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kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Glorious Revolution of England began on November 5th, 1688 when William of Orange invaded England making this the first key date. King James II tried to flee England on December 11th, 1688 but was captured. It took him until December 23rd before he could finally escape and head to France. On January 22, 1689, the first Parliament without King James was convened and, on February 13th, William of Orange and his wife, Mary, formally accepted the thrones of England. In May they declared war on King James in France and, in December, they enacted the Bill of Rights statute. 

In the meantime, in March 1689, King James landed in Ireland with French troops in a bid to recapture his throne. In response, William raised the largest force ever seen in England and the pair met at the Battle of the Boyne on July 11th, 1690. It was a decisive victory for William, forcing James to flee again to France until his death on September 16th, 1701 brought the Glorious Revolution and its aftermath to an end. 

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