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1) In Russia, people were moved from houses to apartments mandated by the state.

4) You could only purchase what you needed as mandated by the government.

5) Censorship was enforced.

6) Socialism never truly existed on the scale that it was supposed to. Socialism is supposed to remove the government (this did not). It is also supposed to create a state in which everyone shares everything. Russia never achieved this. 

7) The officials who were communist members had whatever they wanted--which was extremely unfair and not the true pattern of socialism.

8) The Russians split into two socialist parties in 1917. 

9) Leon Trotsky was one of the few who understood that socialism was not truly being achieved--he cried out for the world governments to truly latch onto the idea and to truly create a glocal socialist state.

10) Socialism came to an "end" in Russia in April of 1936.