tell whether the table represents direct variation .if so write the direct variation equation .show work that supports your conclusions    number of movies downloded                           total bill             3                                                          $11.97            5                                                          $19.95               8                                                         $31.92            14                                                        $55.86

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The table represents direct variation. This can be seen by calculating the ratio of the total bill to the number of movies downloaded for each row in the table. Each time the ratio is the same and equal to 3.99:

`11.97/3 = 19.95/5 = 31.92/8=55.86/14 = 3.99`

Then if we denote the total bill by y and the number of movies by x, the equation of the direct variation will be

y = kx, where k is the variation constant, in this case equal 3.99.

The equation of the direct variation represented in the given table is

y = 3.99x.

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