tell whether each number in the list is a real number, a rational number, an irrirrational number, an integer, or a whole number.

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Hi, tripplels,

I don't see the list here.  So, it will be a little hard for me to assist with specific numbers.  I can tell you that for all whole numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, . . .), these are also integers, rational numbers, and real numbers.

Integers are also Rational numbers and real numbers.  If negative, then they aren't whole numbers.

Rational numbers are real numbers, also.  All rational numbers can be written as a fraction.  Not that they "are" written as a fraction, but they "can be" written as a fraction.  For whole numbers and integers, the bottom number, the denominator, would be 1.  If the denominator is any other integer (besides 0 and 1), then it would be a rational number.  As decimals, if the decimal repeats or stops, it is considered a rational number.  If it doesn't stop nor repeats, like pi, then it isn't a rational number.  Those are called irrational numbers.  Irrational numbers are real numbers, also.

I hope this helps, tripplels.  Good luck.

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