Tell what Soda does to help Darry and Pony's relationship?chapter 12

Expert Answers
kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After dinner Pony and Darry get into a fight. Soda runs out of the house because he is very upset. Accidentally, a letter falls out of his things. It looks like a letter to a girlfriend. Darry relates the story of Soda and his girlfriend to Pony. He says that Soda was not the father her baby but he would have married her anyway. Pony feels guilt for not having paid attention to Soda when he wanted to talk. Darry and Pony run after Soda. This is when Soda tells them that he feels uncomfortable always being caught in between their fighting.They agree not to fight anymore.

The fact is: Soda did this to bring the two boys together.