Tell me what you like about Hamlet the play. What is it about?

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joe30pl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is much to like about the play. The wordplay between the characters is key. There is a reason why so many actors love to perform this play. Almost every character gets a spotlight and great dialouge to boot.

The story bares a passing resemblance to an earlier play, also titled Hamlet, but Shakespeare changes a few details. At a glance it is about Hamlet setting up a plot to murder his uncle for the death of his father, but moreso it is Hamlet trying to prove his uncle's guilt. Remember, his father's ghost does tell him fairly earily on who killed him, but Hamlet wants to make sure. There is misundertanding aplenty, and like any great tragedy it ends in murder. The pages below should help.

tpisano eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hamlet is a beautiful play.  It is very profound and leaves the reader constantly thinking.  The characters in the play, Hamlet in particular, are very similar to people today.  Most of what he is speaking/thinking about are issues that anybody can relate to. 


The play is about the "Prince of Denmark" and what he goes through after his father has been killed. His mother remarries too quickly and he is haunted by his father's ghost.  He goes on to question the actions of those around him and life in general throughout the play.


You can read a full plot summary at the link below as well as charachter analysis' for each character.

jillyfish | Student

Mostly it's the words...

words, words, words.

Hamlet is a beautiful verbal assault on the mind and the senses.