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Tell me the basic philosophy that is common in all the heroines in Jane Austen's novels?

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The basic philosophies that are common to all heroines in Jane Austen's novels can be summarized in a number of axioms characterized by basic rights that Austen bestows upon her main characters:

1. Women have the right to think independently- We see in characters such as Emma, Elizabeth Bennet, and Elinor Dashwood that they do not reduce themselves to follow the social expectations of their time. They have a clear opinion of what life for themselves should be like, and they live accordingly.

2. Women have the right to be truly happy- The fact that women were considered as a man's possession in Austen times does not prevent her heroines to want more for themselves. All Austen female main characters work hard to find their place in life.

3. Women have the right to be outspoken- Not only can they think independently, but they can express how they feel, and demand what they need within their means.  Elizabeth Bennet is often accused of being somewhat coarse because of her assertiveness and ability to express herself. This is unheard of in Austen times, yet, her heroines will not go without expressing their emotions.

In not so many words, the general consensus is that we will find all of Jane Austen's heroines stepping aside from the typical female role model of their time by being assertive, strong, independent thinkers who know what they want and will work hard to get it.

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