Tell me 10 things you can learn from the and websites.

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator is a U.S. government-run website for the United States congress. It includes information on both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S.Senate. On the website, you can read all legislation, including all resolutions, acts, bills, and ratified treaties. You can also view pending legislation that is either being debated on the floor of congress or being developed in committee.

You can learn the names and purposes of each congressional committee. You may also view a roster of the entire U.S. congress and the membership of each committee.You can view the calendar and see when various pieces of legislation will be debated an voted on, in addition, you may access the URL of each state's legislative bodies. is the official website of Indiana University. You can learn details about each campus: it's academic programs, athletic programs, facilities, research programs, and social and community initiatives. You can view a listing of all faculty and staff. You can learn the history and current membership of the school's board of trustees. You can also access physical, demographic and financial data on the university such as it's annual operating budget, it's enrollment numbers,and it's acreage.

rachellopez | Student

10 things you can learn from are:

  • Current Legislative Activities (including calendars, committee hearings, votes, etc.)
  • Explanations on legislative stages
  • Gallery of important U.S. documents
  • Who the members of the House are
  • Who the members of the Senate are
  • Info on the U.S. Capitol and how to plan a visit
  • Treaties, bills, and resolutions
  • Record of congress affairs
  • FAQ about the Congress/Legislative process
  • Public laws (old and recent)

10 things you can learn from are:

  • News about the school/local area
  • Festivals and other activities related to the school
  • Campus locations
  • University leaders
  • Classes and pathways/degree programs offered
  • Contact information
  • School's mission statement
  • Info about online school/school abroad
  • How to stay in touch via the IU Alumni Association
  • Info on IU Foundation/The Guide to Giving