Identify different elements that can be gained from  the and websites.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the website, one sees that is a detailed analysis of legislation.  One can access different bills and acts of legislation.  A search engine assists individuals in such a process.  Another aspect in the design of the website is the inclusion of different videos that explain the "rarely predictable" process through which legislation becomes law.  It details the different steps in this process and does so in a manner that provides an education as to the legislative process.

The navigation tabs at the top of the page address different issues that are immediately associated with legislation.  This is seen in the "Congressional Record" tab, as well as detailed analysis of committees and members that help to drive legislation.  At the bottom of the page is a detailed discussion of the different roles that are occupied in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  One can find who is the current "Majority Whip" of the House as well as the Assistant Minority Leader of the Senate.  Finally, in small font on the page is a hyperlink that "features significant primary source documents from American History."  This helps to give the visitor a sense of the historical background that drives the American legislative process and the Legislative Branch of American government.

In the website, one finds the same standard mode of web design.  It seeks to articulate how the campus is constructed in terms of identifying the other campuses that are a part of the Indiana University network, helping to emphasize the broad reach of Indiana University. There is a tab detailing specific leadership roles and the people who occupy such positions. This contact information could prove vital in the event that one wants to write a letter of advocacy for change.  There is a news feed in the middle of the page which details what is happening both on the campus as well as particular accolades evident.  This helps the viewer to gain a global perspective about the campus and the students on it.  The "Initiatives" tab at the top of the page helps to detail the current and future vision of the University.  With endeavors such as "College Affordability" and "Building for the Future," one gains that the university seeks to pay attention to the present and future needs of its students.

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