What is the relationship between companies and communities in which they operate?

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This is not an easy question to answer, because there are so many variable (what kind of company is it? what does the community need?). What we can say for certain is that the relationship between companies and communities is an important one. Perhaps there best way to approach this question is by giving a few examples.

Many communities want companies to move into the area to boost the economy. For example, New Haven in Connecticut is always looking for companies to move in, especially science and technology firms. This will help the city in many different ways. It will boast revenue through taxes and these companies will also help the many businesses in the area. It will also help the real estate market as more people move into the city.

Another example comes from Broooklyn, New York. The city is trying to get more companies to move in and one of the ways in which the city is luring people is by giving a tax abatement. This helps the busineses, but in turn the business will help the city develop into a burgeoning community. Also companies may create public areas for people, like parks.

In conclusion, there should always be a symbiotic relationship between companies and communities. When it is done well, all benefit.

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