In the novel 'the pearl' describe the physical traits of the face, hair, eyes, overall appearance,etc juana have ?

Expert Answers
englishteacher72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The description that Steinbeck uses when characterizing Juana are scattered throughout the novella.  On the first page of the work, Juana's dark eyes are described as having made "little reflected stars".  This can mean something different to everyone, but to me, it makes me think of them as shiny little orbs.  Her hair is black and long, and in the beginning, she "braided it in two braids and tied the ends with thin green ribbon."  Steinbeck also makes it a point to describe her feet, which are "hard".  Obviously, while this woman is physically beautiful, she is also used to working very hard, and probably does her fair share of manual labor.  She is often described as having a blue shawl on her head, and quite often, she is watching her husband, Kino.  At the end of the novella, her face is described as:

Her face was hard and lined and leathery with fatigue and with the tightness with which she fought fatigue.  And her wide eyes stared inward on herself.  She was as remote and as removed as Heaven.