Teenagers today are considered the lucky generation.  What is your view?

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If we are talking about teens in the United States, my feelings on the subject are mixed.  Teens today are lucky in many ways.  However, they do also face pressures and worries that were less prevalent in previous generations.

In material terms, teens today are certainly lucky in many ways.  Teens have so many more ways to entertain themselves than my cohort of teens did thirty years ago.  Teens have smartphones and computers and iPods.  They have game consoles and big TVs with lots of cable channels.  In this way, it is a good time to be a teen.

It is also in some ways a good time to be a teen in terms of major worries in the world.  There is the fear of terrorism today, but there is no longer the fear of global nuclear war that worried many people back in the early 1980s.

However, there are worries that were less prevalent in previous generations.  There is, in particular, economic anxiety because it is less clear to teens today that hard work will get them a good job and a good life.  The forces of globalization have ensured that many Americans, particularly those with less education, have a harder time finding good jobs.  This is also a generation that faces a less stable society than past generations.  There are so many divorces and split families today that teens can often have a hard time feeling like they have a stable home life.

So, I do agree that teens today are lucky in some ways, but I do not think they are lucky in all ways.  

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