If teenage kids damaged some cars when throwing rocks how much liability are they responsible for? I feel like they are getting way too high estimates!

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the teenagers are under 18 and therefore not legal adults, their parents are held liable for any damages they may have caused.  In no case that I have heard of has there been a limit on how much you can be liable for.  The court usually requires three estimates be provided for the damage, but the person whose property was damaged can choose the repair businesses they wish to obtain the estimates from.  They will often take the middle of the three estimates.

If guilt on the part of the kids has already been admitted or established by law enforcement or the courts, and you are now in the process of paying for those damages, then you, unfortunately, do not have much recourse at this point but to bite the bullet and write the check.  If this is simply a private matter between you and the other party, and it has not yet entered the legal system, then you can refuse to pay an estimate you believe is too high, and they then, of course, would have the option to sue.