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Is technology’s role positive or negative in creating or forming realtionships?

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There is no way to answer this question in an objective manner.  We can really only speculate.  My own view is that the role of technology is neutral or perhaps positive in helping people to build or create relationships.  I do not subscribe to the idea that technology impedes people’s ability to create relationships.

In my view, technology such as cell phones and computers can help people build relationships.  It can be easier for a person who is somewhat shy to text another person than it is for them to call them or talk to them face to face.  This allows a person to approach a relationship cautiously and without exposing themselves to too much embarrassment if the other person does not want to engage in a relationship.  Once the relationship starts, email and texting allows for asynchronous communication so that a relationship can build without the two having to always coordinate schedules and speak face to face.

I would argue that technology helps relationships be created because it gives people more ways to contact one another.  At the very least, it does not hurt relationships because there is nothing inherently inferior about technological forms of communication.

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