How does technology make us smarter?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Interesting topic! You can give several examples why technology is helpful to us. An example is how much a person learns via the internet, especially when using cellphones or tablets. It provides you with instant access to information on the go. Because of technology, people have access to more information than ever before. This has helped people make smarter decisions (a quick example is how easy driving has become with GPS). In all aspects of our life, technology has made our lives more efficient, productive and easy; be it medicare, transportation, agriculture or the professional world. In fact, technology is one of the key reasons for the Flynn Effect (an increase in average IQ scores of human beings over time; since 1930 to present time). Hence, you can certainly show how technology has made us smarter.

jyurkonis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main way technology makes us smarter is by distributing knowledge quickly and easily.  A rather short time ago in our history, the only real way to learn something was to be with someone who already had the knowledge and learn it directly from them.  A young person was sent as an apprentice to live and work with a carpenter, to learn carpentry, or to an accountant to learn to "figure numbers".  Then schools were established and people traveled "back east" or to Europe to go to university.  Now we can get complete educations, from grade school through a PhD, online if we want.  We can learn about the animals in the rain forests in Brazil from a youtube video, or Skype people in Madrid to learn Spanish, or learn calculus from

rosariormzd | Student

I wouldn´t say technology by itself make us smarter.

I would say technology help us to have more available the information (1) and with more information you can make better decisions (2) and also you open your mind and start to make more questions to yourself and others -judgements- (3) which leads you to be more analytical (4).

All the qualifications between parenthesis, among others, are subjects that any intelligence test measures, thats why technology could lead you to be more smart

irism080 | Student

It is true that technology helps us get smarter, but just like all the other things, it has it's own downsides. As for how it helps us, there can be many ways. The internet is a very good example of this. Like, terms and words change every once in a while and it becomes harder to study from books that are in libraries. We might not have the resources for this. But, with a quick research, we can find anything and everything on the internet which helps us in enrich our knowledge and, in some cases, skills.

iiamiffany | Student

technology sometimes helps us with work but it also has its downsides.

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