Technology has changed the way we live, the way we shop, the way we go to school, and the way we interact with our family and friends. How can you use technology more effectively to reduce any negative impact on relationships with family or friends?  

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While there are a number of possible answers to this question, I would argue that there are two main ways in which we can use technology while still avoiding any harm to our relationships with our friends and our family.

The first thing that we need to do is to pay attention to when we use our technology.  We often see pictures of groups of friends or family members who are sitting together in a room but who do not appear to be interacting.  Instead, they appear to each be looking at their own smartphone or tablet or whatever other kind of technology they may have.  This is something that we should be careful about.  We should be careful to use technology in ways that enhance our face-to-face interactions, not that detract from them.  In other words, we might use our devices to look up something that comes up while talking to a friend, but we should not use the device as a way to tune out our friends and family.

The second thing that we need to do is to be careful about what we post on social media.  Posting something that makes a friend or a relative feel bad is one of the quickest ways to harm a relationship.  It is easy to do things without thinking when we are using the technology that is available to us today.  We have to be very careful that we think before posting any comments, pictures, or anything else that might hurt our friends and relatives.

If we keep these factors in mind, our technology can enhance our relationships rather than detracting from them.

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