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technologies' effect on how we use English How are new technologies affecting English language use?

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Bruce Bergman eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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In my experience, I feel that I have witnessed a significant increase in hyperbole over the last two decades. A person could have once said, "That was a really good movie," and that would have seemed like a recommendation.

Today the same phrase carries little weight and even may have the effect of communicating a negative opinion because, often, recommendations utilize phrasing like, "best ever" and "incredibly good", etc. To recieve a comment like "really good" is almost to be damned by faint praise, as the saying goes.

To me, this increase in hyperbole has to do with competition. There are so many voices coming at us at a high volume (via technology), one way to be heard is to raise the figurative volume of our commentary, going to extremes of praise and derision.  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I can think of a different, almost opposite example of technology's effect on English usage.  A few years ago I was buying a car, and when the salesman found out I was an English teacher he started asking me grammar questions.  He was an older guy.  He said his writing never really mattered to him until the invention of widespread use of email.  Now he is embarrassed to use incorrect grammar.  So much is written now, instead of spoken.

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Tibor Pejić eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Being from non English speaking country one thing I noticed is how people who don't speak English use computer translators such as google translate whether to communicate or simply to translate a few of their sentences into English language.

This is good because it helps bring people closer but one should always bear in mind restrictions of such computer programs and not loose motivation for learning English or any other foreign language. For anyone who is interested in future of computer translators I suggest you to see the following links: youtube and technologyreview.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I think the main way that they are doing this is by encouraging the use of abbreviations and such.  My kids sometimes actually say things like "OMG," just saying it out as the letters when speaking.  It's even more this way with written language.  That's the main effect that I can see.

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kandysandy | Student

what the relationship between language use, creativity and the self

kandysandy | Student

 could you provide examples from your own cultural/linguistic background .

kandysandy | Student

could you discuss Janet Maybin and John Swan’s textbook The Art of English: everyday creativity