What is an example of a technique used by Andrew Motion in the poem "Anne Frank Huis"?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One technique used to great effect in the poem is enjambment, which creates a sense of continuity and timelessness.

One of the first things one notices when reading “Anne Frank Huis” is the enjambment.  Enjambment is a poetry term for the technique of continuing a sentence onto the next line.  The interesting thing about this poem is that it actually continues to the next stanza.  By breaking the stanzas where he does and using enjambment, Motion creates a sense of timeless continuity.  The Anne Frank House is stuck in a time warp of remembrance, and anyone who visits it feels this.

[whoever comes] discovers how

the bookcase slides aside, then walks through

shadow into sunlight rooms, can never help


but break her secrecy again.

By choosing to create a new stanza here, Motion is visually reinforcing the idea of breaking Anne's secrecy.  Every visitor to the house feels the enormity of being there, and what happened there, and the larger context of the event in history.  The use of enjambment forces the reader to simultaneously stop and go on, which is almost like a feeling of being trapped and trying to escape.