What are some good techniques for effective studying? 

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Effective study is a matter of proper planning and sticking to the plan. Here are some strategies to study effectively (although they may seem old-school, they really work):

  • Study regularly: there is no substitute to regular study. It is often said that we fail to recall more than half of what we studied, after a period of 8 hours. This simply means that the longer we wait to review something (especially when studied for the first time), the lesser the chances of recall. In other words, we need to study regularly, and then revise the important topics/ideas regularly.
  • Appropriate study environments are necessary for effective studies. This means that wherever we study (whether at our own home or library or park, etc.), we need an appropriate, distraction-free environment. If our mind is distracted by something (phone, television, friends, noise, etc.), we cannot fully concentrate on task at hand.
  • Practice: it is just not enough to revise what we did in school, we also need to practice. Whether it is the numericals for mathematics and science or writing for english, we need to practice.
  • Get feedback and implement it: it is also beneficial to get a feedback about your performance from your teachers/parents/friends and then try to modify your study habits to maximum benefit.

Hope this helps. 

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