TeachersWhat sense of dressing A teacher ought to follow In India?

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In India or any other country, teachers should dress professionally. In India, this means dressing in a way that is acceptable and expected. I think that modest clothing is essential, and clothing should also be moderate and conservative no matter what.
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I agree with the second post. Standards of appropriate dress may vary greatly, even from one school to another. It should be easy enough to discover the standards considered appropriate at any given school, especially if the school has a web site with photos of its faculty. Since most people will have beens students at some point, almost anyone can be consulted about what is considered appropriate in a particular area of the country in a particular era. You probably can't go wrong if you simply dress as you would for any "professional" position.

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First and foremost, a teacher should be familiar with the customs and culture of the country in which s/he is teaching. This applies to both male and female teachers. Clearly, "professional" attire should be the standard, but the standards for this type of attire can vary greatly from country to country and from gender to gender in those countries. Seek out the adivce of the Board of Education in whichever region you are considering teaching.

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